6 June 2016

A testimony from Romania

A testimony from Romania

Here is a testimony from Romania how a piece of literature got somebodies interest in getting Bible studies. If you have testimonies with GLOW tracts, please share it with us. Thank you!

“Each time I get a call on the GLOW number, my heart is filled with hope, thinking that another person has just read a tract and wants to find out more about it. One day, I got a call from this lady who had read a GLOW tract; being touched by the message, she called for Bible studies. She made my day!!!

”I got one of your tracts – it is indeed a great piece of literature! I was very impressed by what I’ve read.”, she told me with a pleasant voice, allowing me to feel the joy within her heart. „I am also interested in the bible studies I have read about on the tract.” I told her a little about it and I sent her contact information to Sola Scriptura, the Adventist Bible study Institute from Romania. Next, in about ten days she was going to start the bible studies.

God is good and He works indeed through these silent witnesses, the GLOW tracts, in a marvelous way. Praise be to Him!”

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