Fire-resistant GLOW in the Phillipines

Fire-resistant GLOW in the Phillipines

One day a church member was going down a street in a Philippine city distributing some newly translated and printed Tagalog GLOW tracts to individuals.  As is the case sometimes, one of theGLOW tracts was dropped on the ground by someone who had taken a tract from them.
Not long after, the tract on the ground was swept into one of many piles on the side of the road. In that part of the city, they get rid of trash by putting it in piles and burning it.  Soon someone came by and lit this particular pile of trash on fire.  After a few minutes another Filipino man happened to walk by and noticed something in the pile.  It was the GLOW tract.  What caught his attention was that it was not burning like the rest of the smoldering pile!

Intrigued, he went to the pile, picked up the tract, and tried to light it on fire with a lighter.  To his surprise it still wouldn’t burn!  Soon he called a few people over to see this strange tract that wouldn’t burn!  A small crowd gathered around the man as he continued to attempt to light the tract on fire.

At this very moment, the GLOWer who had just distributed the tracts a little while before noticed the crowd of people and went over to see what was so interesting to everyone.  He saw what was happening and told everyone in the crowd, “I am the one who was handing out those little leaflets. And if you think that what you see is cool, you want to come to my prophecy meetings!”

A number of the people from that crowd came to the meetings and several of them were baptized!

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